South Lambeth Estate, London, is one of the six estates that Lambeth council have identified as part of their 'estate regeneration' programme*. The decision has been made to partially demolish (the low rise blocks of the iconic 1960s built part of the estate are to be demolished) and 'redevelop' the estate. There are a few architectural styles on the estate, covering roughly - I would assume judging on first sight - a thirty year 
period, all extremely attractive and very good examples of London council housing projects in the particular era in which they were built. Ranging from 1930 - 40s LLC (London County Council) red brick tenement schemes - which looked especially well loved and up kept by the residents; Horton House for example has the most beautiful garden / communal central yard I think I've seen anywhere in London. Someone, or a group of people, have clearly made a major project of this garden - with rather attractive public art on the facades, what looks like 1950s additions, including a 'festival of Britain style' function centre, one rather elegant 1960s point block to the extremely pleasant 1960s slab block and low rises (these are the low rises sadly ear marked for demolition)

* 'Lambeth have identified six estates as part of it's 'estate regeneration' programme with the decision taken to demolish Cressingham Gardens, Central Hill and Fenwick Estate and to particularly demolish and redevelop Knights Walk, the Westbury Estate and the South Lambeth Estate'. - 
Anna Minton, from her book, Big Capital: Who Is London For?


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