Knight’s Walk is a part of Cotton Garden Estate, Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London SE11, Designed by George Finch, Built 1966 -1968. 


Cotton Garden Estate consists of three 22 storey towers - Ebenezer, Fairford and Hurle - and Knight’s Walk, a collection of bungalows, which have been identified as part of Lambeth council's 'estate regeneration' programme*.


I visited the estate three times - first in summer, then autumn, and now spring - made recordings and considered them to be without any demonstrative features, in fact I found the estate to be remarkably quiet given it’s location; next to Kennington Lane, a major A road. On my third visit I realised that the ‘calm’ (as George Finch himself described the character of the estate - in his interview for the film Utopia London) is the defining factor. This recording is an attempt to capture this.   


* 'Lambeth have identified six estates as part of it's 'estate regeneration' programme with the decision taken to demolish Cressingham Gardens,Central Hill and Fenwick Estate and to particularly demolish and redevelop Knights Walk, the Westbury Estate and the South Lambeth Estate'. - 

Anna Minton, from her book, Big Capital: Who Is London For?

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