Colville Estate, Hoxton, London Borough of Hackney. Currently undergoing demolition. 

I have a personal connection to the estate as in 1999 I was offered a flat in Harwood Court, a 1960s tower block, which was demolished in 2015 - 2016. The 16 and 20 storey Colville towers, flats in which are - according to advertisements on the site - 'available now prices from £640, 000', with the disclaimer 'price correct at time of print', now stands on the site. Luckily I didn’t take the flat as at the same time I was offered the flat in which I currently live, also in the London borough of Hackney. In addition to this one of the my dearest friends lived in one of the LCC (London Country Council) style red brick low rise blocks on Colville Estate, in the early 2000s and I have fond memories of visiting him there. As far back as 2002 he'd been informed that the entire estate was ear marked for demolition. He recently mentioned to me that he felt the estate had been subject to 'managed decline' for quite some time prior to him being informed about the ‘regeneration’. 
Here’s an interesting article about estate ‘regeneration’ our the borough in the Hackney Citizen. 

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